Ghost Book

I'm so excited to share a new book I've been working on with the Illustratus team for the past year! It will be available October 30th 2016, filled with 13 ghost stories and illustrations.  We wanted to collaborate with talented friends, challenge ourselves creatively, and make something beautiful and timeless. All of us can remember a specific ghost story that kept us awake at night and has stuck with us over the years. But we liked the notion of writing and illustrating our own ghost stories for a new generation, inspiring them to question the unknown.

You can pre order a book today on the Illustratus site, and join us for our book launch party!

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Inside Out and DePaul Magazine Visiting Artist Series

In the spring of this year, I got the opportunity to represent Inside Out while visiting several schools around the country. I talked about our design process in making the film and how it all comes together. I spent three years working on this unique project and, as you might imagine,  was a little bit exhausted by the time I wrapped. Having the opportunity to share our process on trips like these renews the experience and excitement for me. Huge thanks to DePaul University for hosting the event and all their hard work and hospitality. You can read a bit about the event in this nice write up they've just posted over at DePaul Magazine.

Inside Out hits theaters this Friday, June 19th!